Joliba West African Drum and Dance School

Educational workshops, performance and development

West African Music

This recent addition to our workshop services includes Maitre Samsou from Guinea Conakry working alongside David to create a memorable musical adventure.

This workshop is suitable for older students, especially students who are studying the following elements of African Music:

  • The history of African Music
  • Cycles of music
  • African Instruments: Bolon, Gongoma, Kora, Balafon, Krin and Castanets
  • African singing and vocals

This type of workshop includes deeper aspects of African music. It can include history, vocals and cycles plus anything that you wish to include for the benefit of your students.

“Blind Veterans UK were lucky enough to host Joliba Drum and Dance in July 2014. All of the Veterans got really involved in the singing and drumming and were really enthralled by the history and culture of the African Drums and Music. We will definitely be inviting David and his team back for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Thank you from all of us at Blind Veterans, LLandudno”

Paula Sartain
Sports and Recreation Instructor
Blind Veterans UK, Queens Road, Llandudno, LL30 1VE

Prices range from only £300 for a half day